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The Spirit of Leviathan, Jezebel, and Athaliah

Tekoa Manning

Tekoa Manning brings her readers right inside the cave with David as he hides from Saul, feigns himself mad, and pants for water like a deer trying to cover his scent. During this traumatic journey, David pens some of the most poignant passages in our Bibles due to this crushing from the sea serpent.

Although Leviathan is a mythological creature, his characteristics in the Book of Job mimic the seven deadly sins in Proverbs 6:16-19.

  • Haughty eyes

  • A lying tongue

  • Hands that shed innocent blood

  • A heart that plots wicked schemes

  • Feet that run to evil

  • A false witness who spouts lies

  • One who stirs up strife among brothers

Tekoa unveils David's patience, military tactics, and wisdom as the Holy One allows the spirits working through Saul to prepare David for kingship. If you have been under significant attacks, if people are twisting your words and misconstruing your deeds, this book is a must read -- ideal for book clubs and study groups. Each chapter conveniently closes with a question review page to facilitate discussion.

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