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Thomas H. Ward

BOOK #4 OF THE TOP SELLING JACK GUNN SERIES: THE TOCABAGA CHRONICLES FIVE STAR REVIEWS ... Jack Gunn, Director of Security for Tocabaga Island, along with the Army Rangers discover a new threat; the Remote Controlled Combat Droids. The android machines were developed by the NSA to control the population and turn the country into a socialistic state. These robot soldiers along with flying drones could be a formidable force even for the Army Rangers. They do not need to eat or sleep. They are dangerous, very dangerous and offer only death to those who oppose them as they have no heart. We call these androids “THE HEPHAESTUS ARMY” and we know some day they will come for us on Tocabaga. We are getting ready for the battle. REVIEW: “I love the Tocabaga chronicles! 'Talos Warriors' is action packed and a great read! Can't wait for more...exciting!”

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