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Trouble in Choctaw County

John R. York

2023 FAPA Award Winner

A young man named Perseus is cast out of his home of privilege and sets out on a journey seeking adventure and a new life.

He heads west with no particular destination in mind until he runs out of money in a backwater town he considers to be in the middle of nowhere. He isn’t sure what he should do, but the Fates cast a bit of timely good fortune his way. Two strangers notice him sitting at the counter in an old diner at the edge of town; a young cowgirl and a young Indian from the Choctaw reservation. Before he knows it, he’s working at a local cattle ranch.

A few weeks later he listens to an old Native American from the Choctaw tribe tell a group of children a traditional story about a mysterious winged creature called Sint-Holo. Perseus begins to dream about the mythical beast.
During the following months, extraordinary events sweep Perseus and his two companions into a whole new world of discovery, upheaval, and transformation.

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