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Ultima Skylar

Omayra V�lez

2023 FAPA Award Winner

Second Edition

I am Ultima Skylar, the most exquisitely trained Exotic prostitute in the entire Kingdom of Tsestelago, and I am in big trouble. You see, I was the birthday gift for Prince Marco, the Prince regent of my Kingdom, then an assassin came and killed him while I was kissing him. I survived because I could kick the groin of any man with my high heels.

Yes, my friend, now I am a suspect. The assassin is after me, and my owner is doing nothing to protect me. Oh, but to add insult to injury, I must train my only daughter to be an Exotic, and I must hide my magic, or my owner will kill my daughter.

Life sucks for me.

However, at a party, I saw a ghost of happiness pass. There I was, at a party, all dolled up and beautiful, and my daughter's father, Lord Otto Hightower, stood in front of me. I loved the man from the first moment I saw him and never forgot him.

I need help to stay alive! I can't keep living expecting an assassin to come and jump out of any corner. Our King is dying, and we need his youngest son Prince Soren to step up and take the place of Prince Marco. There is one big problem: no one has seen Prince Soren in months. He went to war, and he stopped sending messages back home. Oh, so they told us.

I hope Lord Otto can come and help me. He is a man of integrity. I know that much about him. Darkness is taking over the Kingdom, and I can't do anything about it, at least not as a slave.

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