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Unlocking God's Power: God Wants to Help You and Faith is the Key

Thomas H. Ward

I CAN PROMISE YOU THESE THINGS; AFTER READING THIS BOOK YOU WILL KNOW GOD IS REAL and IF YOU HAVE FAITH AMAZING MIRCALES CAN HAPPEN. Have your children ever asked questions about God, Jesus, and the Bible that you cannot answer? Let them read this book and many of their questions will be answered. Questions like; is God real? Who were the disciples? Who are the women disciples? What does faith mean? What happened to Mary, the Mother of Jesus? Why is there an Old Testament and a New Testament?
Let’s face it, kids are curious and ask questions that we may not know the answers too. I wrote this book to answer many of those questions. It’s easy to read and understand so that any adult and even middle school children can read it to learn about the amazing Bible and the ancient people who believed in God. They will discover how easy it is to understand the Bible using this book as a guide.
An excellent study guide loaded with quotes from the Holy Bible. This is a concise nondenominational book reviewing the history of the amazing people in the Bible. It’s about the people who had faith in God and Jesus. Because of this faith, miracles occurred, they Unlocked God's Power. Find out why God blessed these ancient people. Find out what they knew about God.

ENDORSED BY THREE MINISTERS: I wish to thank Reverend R. Karnes for his support. He advised me that the task to write about the Bible is not an easy one. He stated, “Maybe you were given inspiration from above to use your writing skills and help spread the Word of God.”
Thank you to Reverend William Cowfer for his kind support and comments of encouragement. He inspired me to proceed with this book, stating it was possibly a calling from God. He said, "You are providing important information that people often wonder about."
Thank you to Reverend Clem Street. He is a man of God, who provided me encouragement to have this book published. He stated, "Some of the items mentioned in your book I never knew the answers too but now I do know."

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