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Why I Love Grandpa

PeTika Tave

2023 FAPA Award Winner

You know how children love to visit grandpa/paw paw/pop pop (etc.) when mom and dad says "no" or "not now" to everything they ask for?

Well, it may be because they know grandpa and grandma and will say, "yes!"

It is often said that great fathers make the best grandfathers.

This book celebrates the bond between children and their grandpa in a heart warming way, by sharing all the reasons why kids love their grandpa.

Told from the perspective of a child, this book takes a look at the many ways grandfathers enrich children’s lives. From trips to the ice cream parlor, to going on school trips, it is a loving tribute to the many ways grandpas help kids enjoy their childhood.

Adults too will love the book as they take a walk down memory lane and recall precious time they spent with their grands. From wise stories to great home-cooked meals, sharing those moments provides a way to connect, reflect, and communicate for all family members. (Reader's Favorite Review)

Even if some of the moments mentioned are not ones shared by all families, they are a great reminder of what having a grandpa means to children!

Other highlights:

  • It is a great way to enjoy family time by reading together and reflecting on all the wonderful things grandfathers do.

  • Features a space in the back for children to put a picture of their grandma and grandpa, along with a page to write all the reasons they too love their grands.

  • The detailed and vivid illustrations really brings the book to life.

  • The repetition in the text allows early readers to develop their skills while also building their vocabulary.

  • It is a wonderful story to read at bedtime, during family time, and while visiting grandpa.

  • Makes a great gift any time of the year, including Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, and just to say “I Love You.”

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