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Wolf in the Crosshairs (Christian Roberts series Book 3)

Susan Klaus

2020 FAPA President's Book Awards Winner - Adult - Thriller/Horror (Bronze) Wolf in the Crosshairs is the third thriller in the award-winning Christian Roberts series. The eco-terrorist, Christian Roberts has stopped the fin trade and saved sharks from extinction, but the handsome Floridian, using his alias, Captain Nemo, embarks on a new wildlife cause, ending the slaughter of American gray wolves. He learns wolves are being killed to artificially inflate the deer and elk herds for hunters. and once wolves are removed from the Endangered Species List, their habitat is available for oil, mining, and timber companies. Although 90% of the public want wolves protected, the state and federal agencies and politicians cater to the big business lobby. To achieve his goal, Christian faces numerous, powerful enemies, and soon finds himself in the crosshairs with the wolves.
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