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Stanislav Aizin


Stanislav Aizin was born in the republic of Moldova in 1978. Growing up in the culturally diverse capital of Chisinau, Stan witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Empire in 1991 and his country strive for independence, which resulted in ethnic conflict and partial occupation of Moldova by the Russian Federation in 1992.
After graduating from high school, Stan was accepted to State University of Moldova (USM) in 1995, where he studied criminal and civil law, graduating as Master of Law & Jurisprudence in 2000.
These experiences opened new horizons in the area of sociology, psychology, philosophy, legislature and social management. Social design has become an area of Stan’s personal interest ever since.
In 2007 Stan immigrated to the USA, making a new home in the state of Florida. In 2008 he witnessed another social turmoil — global economic collapse and its impact on Florida's communities. In 2009, Stan met with world renowned American designer and futurist Jacque Fresco, he became a volunteer for The Venus Project. Stan joined the board of directors of The Venus Project in 2016, assuming responsibilities of international activism management. This project concluded in 2018. 
During yet another global crisis of COVID-19 pandemic in 2019-2020, Stan provided healthcare services to the community on the frontline, as a Registered Nurse.
At present, Stan continues his social studies.

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