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Donna Frost


Award-winning Author for Sofia's Someone: The Beginning.

Our Story
When I first met Sofia, it was love at first sight, despite knowing she had issues. After riding her and discussing with my husband, he generously offered to get Sofia as a birthday present. It took months of daily visits, spending time with her, and gaining her trust.
A vet confirmed that Sofia had been abused at some point, as she wouldn't let anyone touch her head or ears. With time, love, patience, and lots of peppermints, Sofia finally dropped her guard and gave me her love and trust.
Now, when I ask Sofia for hugs, she gives them willingly. And when I ask for kisses, Sofia gratefully gives them. She's found her forever home, and I've found my heart horse.

Meet Donna | Author
Following our move to Fort Myers in 2016, I sought meaningful volunteer work alongside caring for our blended family. With a lifelong passion for horses, I found purpose at Special Equestrians Inc. The Executive Director introduced me to Princess Sofia, a horse in need of special attention. Despite her challenges, our bond grew stronger with time and dedication. Inspired by our journey, I felt compelled to share our story, and the words flowed effortlessly one evening as I sat at my computer.

Meet Sofia | Horse
Princess Sofia was acquired by Special Equestrians Inc, Fort Myers, for their therapeutic horseback program, but she didn't fit in due to her preference for solitude. Donna Frost, an author volunteering at the organization, caught wind that Sofia might need a new home. Excited, Donna met Sofia at Malandandy Ranch.
Sofia, also known as R Hot Hot Fancy, is an 18-year-old registered Paint mare standing at 14.3 hands high. Despite her age, she's in her prime and responds to the name Sofia.

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